Fronius iWave 230i AC/DC Water-Cooled TIG Welder


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Top quality  for every weld and every material: with its targeted heat input and improved ignition function, iWave gives you maximum control over your arc while significantly reducing ignition delays. All the operating controls on the iWave series have likewise been designed for maximum control. This makes the systems intuitive to use, leaving you free to concentrate solely on the challenges of your welding task.



/ Pulsed-arc mode

/ Tacking Function

/ High Frequency Ignition

/ Pulse pro function

/ Job Function

/ 3 years parts and labor warranty


Standard Package Includes

/ Fronius iWave 230i TIG welder

/ Water Cooler with Flow Sensor

/ TIG Torch 26.3’ THP 300i W/UP

/ TTB 300i W Torch Body

/ Ground Cable 13’

/ Flow meter w/ gas adapter

/ Pre-assembled & Tested

Mobile Cart (Optional)

Lead Time: Approximately 2-4 Weeks



Technical Data

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