Fronius MagicCleaner 150 Stainless Cleaning System


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One Device, Three Functions: CLEAN, POLISH, PRINT

Clean and passivate in one step. MagicCleaner is the most advanced system for electro-chemical cleaning units. With one machine, you can clean, polish, and etch stainless steel. Remove post-weld temper coloration and restore the protective passive layer at the same time.

After cleaning, the polishing process ensures a consistently lustrous surface and improves the passivation process. MagicCleaner also provides the option to permanently etch stainless steel surfaces – the perfect alternative to stickers or laser engraving.



  • / Clean. Polish. Print – All the features you need to ensure your stainless steel is protected, marked, and ready for work.
    / Inverter based – Our inverter based technology makes these cleaners light, rugged, and usable on 120v power input.
    / Easy to set up and use – Get started in just 2 steps with the MC150.
    / Rugged design with multiple brush sizes and shapes


Technical Data


Standard Package Includes:

  • MagicCleaner 150 Machine
  • Torch Holder (42,0510,0601)
  • Ground Cable & Clamp (42,0510,0599)
  • Current Cable 2m (42,0510,0602)
  • Cleaning Torch MC150 (42,0510,0600)
  • 6 x Blue Cleaning Fluid (3.38oz each) (42,0510,0381)
  • Neutralizing Fluid (1 Liter Spray Bottle) (42,0510,0385)


  • Consumables Kit MC150 (42,0510,0597)
      • Graphite Electrode 22mm (42,0510,0500)
      • Graphite Electrode 10mm (42,0510,0506)
      • Hex Wrench 2,5mm (42,0510,0376)
      • Cleaning/Polishing Felt 22mm (42,0510,0501)
      • Carbon Replacement Brush (42,0510,0510)
      • Cleaning/Polishing Felt 10mm (42,0510,0507)
      • Brush Connector MC150 (42,0510,0511)


For Fronius MagicCleaner 300 Advanced Stainless Cleaning System – Click Here!


Lead Time: Approximately 2-4 Weeks



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