FAN Proton TT 4.0 Resistance Spot Welder

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Fully water-cooled, including transformer, welding gun, arms, and electrode caps.

Touch screen controls

Automatically determines the thickness and type of steel to be welded

Automatically sets all the welding parameters including output power, weld time, and squeeze force.

Weld and weld settings are monitored and adjusted 2000 times per second producing a factory quality weld.

Technical Data

Supply Voltage:  230 – 400 V  3 Phase

Mains Voltage Tolerance: +/- 10%

Mains Protection: 25 – 32 A

Max Welding Power: 60kVA

Max Welding Current: 14,000 A / 14 kA

Welding Power Force: 450 / 700 daN

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