Fronius Welding Cooling Liquid FCL10 40,0009,0180


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Fronius Coolant Liquid FCL10 for All Water-Cooled Fronius Machines
5 Liters/ 1.32 Gallons


Fronius Cooling Liquid offers increased corrosion protection and extended durability. Fronius coolant is biodegradable, and can be easily transported and stored because it is not subject to any labeling requirements or hazard classifications.

The improved formula for the new coolant not only increases system reliability but also prevents the build-up of bacteria in the cooling unit. In addition, Fronius Cooling Liquid offers reliable frost protection down to minus 10°C. The increased corrosion protection means that the coolant also helps to prolong the service life of all metal components in the cooling unit, such as brass connections and torch components.

The high-performance coolant is used in all available Fronius cooling units and systems (TPS, TPS/i, MagicWave, and TransSteel).

Propylene glycol forms the basis for the coolant. This chemical substance is classified as harmless, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Fronius is committed to using energy and resources sustainably and is constantly working to reduce environmental pollution. Fronius Cooling Liquid helps play a part in this.

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