TECNA 3680 Smart-Plus Resistance Spot Welder

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Inverter technology controlled by a microprocessor allows automatic setting and monitoring of all welding parameters with minimal or no input from the operator.

  • Smart Plus mode is completely automatic needs no operator input.
  • Quick mode requires operator to set welding time, current and force only
  • Full mode allows the operator to make custom welding programs and save to memory.


Superior Features

  • – Wi-Fi Upgrades and Technical Support
  • – Easily Welds Boron and all other Ultra High Strength Steels.
  • – Fully water-cooled, including transformer, welding gun, arms, and electrode caps.
  • – Output power 14,000 amps.
  • – Max electrode force: Transgun (Grey) 8679TS = 450 daN. Optional Transgun (Red) 8679TS7 = 700 daN.
  • – USB Port and for easy upgrade of programs and software.
  • – USB port to download and store all weld record.
  • – Approved for weld bonding.
  • – Touch screen control
  • – Lightweight cables
  • – Automatically determines the thickness and type of steel to be welded
  • – Automatically sets all the welding parameters including output power, weld time, and squeeze force.
  • – Weld and weld settings are monitored and adjusted 2000 times per second producing a factory quality weld.


Arrives fully loaded:

  • 8685WS standard arm
  • 8689WS wheel arch arm
  • 8684WS 205mm arm
  • 8688WS  505mm long reach arms
  • Heavy duty balancer
  • 8691 X-gun adapter
  • 3591 Single side gun
  • Accessory kit, strong stable cart on casters and a protective cover.
    TECNA has earned the most OEM approvals of any welder manufacturer. See our website for specific OEM approvals.
    TECNA is the only manufacturer producing welders for both automotive assembly lines and the collision repair industry.


Lead Time: 5-7 Business Days


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