FAN is Fronius: Perfect Welding for the Automotive Industry

FAN Welders are specialized for the Automotive Technician

The FAN brand of welders are built by Fronius in Austria.  Specialized for the automotive industry, FAN welders are tested and approved by automakers worldwide. Due to exceptional performance, FAN welders consistently meet and exceed all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards requirements.

Fronius Perfect Welding

Whether with robotics in a manufacturing facility or by technicians operating mobile units, the Fronius Perfect Welding technology is designed for utmost performance, durability, and sustainability.


Weld with Experience

Since 1950, Fronius has been working on innovative system solutions for arc and resistance spot welding.  Working with the most discerning customers worldwide, Fronius develops individual welding solutions for the automotive industry, pipeline construction, shipbuilding, and steel construction industries.

Optimal Performance

Therefore, over 70 years of technical experience are always at your fingertips.  Welding technicians benefit from the most advanced ergonomic design, automation, and pre-programmed settings to produce the highest quality weld, every time.


Additionally, the high quality construction of Fronius products guarantee dependable durability and long service life.

FAN is Fronius

FAN by Fronius is specialized for the automotive after sales including fabrication and auto collision repair applications and continuously outperforms expectations in the industry.

Discover Fronius Perfect Welding Technology with FAN welding equipment.

FAN is Fronius, the world’s leader in welding technology.


FAN products are available in North American through an exclusive partnership with Robaina Industries Inc.
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