The 3 Most Popular Welders for Automotive Collision Repair

With many welder brands available worldwide at different qualities and price points, it an be a challenge to find the best welder for Automotive Collision Repair.  So why not start with the customer favorites?

When you choose from the FAN FRONIUS line of welders specialized for the automotive industry, your investment is guaranteed to save you time and money for years to come.

From MIG, TIG, to Aluminum welders, it’s all here in the Top 3 Welders for Automotive Collision Repair.

The Best Welders for the Automotive Industry

Here are the most popular automotive welders voted by technicians, fabricators, collision repair centers, and welding training centers.

FAN FRONIUS Proton MIG+ 270i  |  The #1 Aluminum Welder + CMT Option

FAN FRONIUS 270i Aluminum Welder | Robaina Industries USAMIG  |  MAG  |  TIG  |  STICK  |  MMA

Most often used as the dedicated Aluminum Welder in the shop, the FAN 270i Proton MIG+ maintains the most advanced technology in its class.

The FAN 270i also maintains approvals from Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce, Tesla and Volkswagen.

In fact, the USA Mercedes-Benz training center hosts a fleet of them for their welding certification program.



FAN FRONIUS Proton MIG+ 250c  |  The Mighty MIG

FAN FRONIUS 250c MIG TIG Welder | Robaina Industries USAMIG  | MAG | TIG  | STICK  |  MMA

The FAN FRONIUS 250c Proton MIG+ is a staple for automotive MIG welding jobs.  It outperforms all others in its class with pre-programmed pulse characteristics for speed and high-quality welds.

The FAN 250c is also beyond proficient as a TIG and Stick welder with optional setup kit.

Rugged housing ensures a long life as well as compatibly for software updates and programmed settings.


FAN FRONIUS MIG+ 220  |  The Lightweight, Portable Powerhouse


At just 33 pounds, the FAN Proton MIG+ 220 is a  portable powerhouse has been a favorite at motorsport races fixing everything from chase vehicles, trailers, to the winning racers.

It’s powerful, compact and is built with ultra-durable housing that can handle any climate, indoors or out.  With 1 or 3-Phase options, this welder is comfortable wherever you are, whether that’s a home garage, out in the field with a generator, or at a commercial workshop.

Additionally, with a TIG kit, it will surprise you with its uncompromising ability to tackle any job that arises.

The FAN FRONIUS Guarantee

When high quality performance and speed is the utmost expectation, customers choose FAN FRONIUS.

Whether you have an automotive fabrication, restoration or repair project, you’ll always have the combined technology of over 70 years of FRONIUS welding technology at your fingertips.  Beginner to Advanced welders continue to rave over the ease of use, speed, and dependability.  Now you can too.

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